James Buckley

Construction Superintendant
OSHA – Open Trench, Confined Space, HAZMAT
Class A CDL – Trained Heavy Equipment Operator

Since 2004, James Buckley has been a Superintendant of Construction for Archer Consulting. Mr. Buckley has over 25 years experience in the construction industry, and he possesses a thorough knowledge of all phases of construction.

Mr. Buckly’s thorough knowledge and experience with deep and large scale excavation and grading is a substantial benefit to the scope of Archer’s capabilities. He has supervised all of Archer’s excavation, shoring, and rock removal operations. He has also been the key to managing projects such as for NY/NJ Port Authority at Teterboro Airport.

Archer managed the installation of Fire, Domestic, and irrigation water back flow preventers at seven airport locations. Mr. Buckley supervised the Trench and Confined Space excavations which were performed throughout the night so as not to interrupt daytime services.

Mr. Buckley was also key work at the Veterans Administration facility in Lyons, NJ, where Archer was hired to manage the construction of a 700’ long connector building. Deep trench excavations made throughout the site to locate existing or abandoned steam lines and electric duct banks. All operations were carefully scrutinized for safety compliance by government field inspectors.

Mr. Buckley has a proven track record of completing construction projects of all types. He is well respected as a competent construction supervisor, and site manager, and is highly regarded by all of Archer’s contractors and repeat clients.