Michael Mazzucca


QAQC Compliance
AWCI Certified EIFS Inspector
OSHA Compliance Officer

Partner since 2006, Michael Mazzucca has most recently served as Project Supervisor and Project administrator for multiple luxury high rise apartment buildings in the surrounding New York City Area. Michael has also filled critical roles such as Contract Administrator, and QAQC Compliance Officer. QAQC Compliance includes Safety Compliance and Coordination of Special Inspections. From 2009 to 2011, Mr. Mazzucca was in charge of installing Through Penetration Firestop Systems, as well as Draft Stop Systems, and Duct Sealant for Union Square Apartments in Union City, New Jersey. His attention to detail would allow Union Square Apartments to become the first Energy Star certified building in Union City.

Mr. Mazzucca is certified by the American Ceiling and Wall Institute and the EIFS Manufacturers Association as an EIFS Inspector. He currently provides progress inspections and reports for numerous commercial projects throughout New Jersey. Current ongoing projects include High Rise Hotels, Churches, Manufacturing Facilities, Scattered Site Public Housing, and High Rise Seniors Housing. His detailed photo reports make it possible for Owners and Designers to monitor the QAQC of their contractors. They have also been useful to uncover issues that require attention by the designer. Repeat business is an indication that clients value his oversight and attention to their concerns.

AWCI Certified Special Inspector for Exterior Insulation FInish Systems

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration / Operations Management

Certified Firestop and Draftstop Installer

OSHA 30 Certified